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Traditional Khmer Trod Dancing

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Angkor Sayana Hotel & Spa will be honoured by a visitation from traditional Khmer Trod Dancers on Monday 14th April 2014 at 8:30 am. 

This customary form of folk dancing was created in Siem Reap Provence and its origins pre-date the presence of either the Hindu or Buddhist religious ritual in the region.
It is not a separation of religious beliefs but instead it reaches back to a time of superstition and view of the world that some creatures brought luck and should be celebrated and other brought bad luck and should be cast out.
In this case the Deer, was thought to be a bad omen, if it entered the village. This dance depicts the villagers and other creatures support of the hunter to destroy the bad luck and make the future a bright, happy and joyous for all, with bountiful harvests and prosperity.
In keeping with tradition the Hotel will make an offering to the dancers and if you wish to contribute then you may, it is not a compulsory. We are informing for only to give you the opportunity to see for yourself an ancient part of Khmer culture and let you know it’s an ideal opportunity for the camera to capture a memorable moment.
The hotels contribution goes towards (CAMBODIA ORPHAN SAVE ORGANIZATION) a local NGO.

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