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Foot Reflexology
Traditional Body Massage
Aromatic Oil Massage
Base Oil Massage
Khmer Herbal Hot Compress
Back Neck & Head Massage
Moon Lite Four Hand Massage
Khmer Natural Foot Scrub

Seaweed/Lavender Mud wrap
Our bodies are continual shedding layer of dead skin. Dry skin brushing along with body wrap will help rid the body of these dead skin cells, This process is an important part of this procedure because afterward. Any application of gel or lotion to combat cellulite has a better chance of penetrating through the pores of the skin. The after effects of the treatment will leave the skin rejuvenated and fresh with additional sparing and life.
Aloe Vera Body Wrap
The perfect moisture body wraps and mask. This soothing wrap uses the calming and healing properties of cucumber and Aloe-Vera to re-hydrate the skin, leaving skin fresh and cool. Blended with pure lavender oil, this wonderfully aromatic treatment will help to relax the mind as it helps the skin.
Traditional Fruit Wrap
A natural fruitful wrap using Fresh Mango, Plant Yogurt, Egg Yolk, and Honey - 60 minutes A seasonal fresh mango body wrap, drains toxins and impurities from your body while relaxing and smoothing you from within. Plant Yogurt and Honey from the forest are used to purify and hydrate while saturating your senses.
Rejuvenating Wrap
This treatment gently rejuvenate your skin with the natural synergy of pineapple and tamarind acting to rebalance your skin’s moisture and restore vital energies. The moisturizing lotion is applied to soften and repair skin for a luxurious healing experience.

Sensitive Skin Facial
For those with soft or sensitive skin, the fresh aloe vera moisturizes, as our special blend of avocado, banana and yoghurt naturally cleanse. Finished with an aloe vera mask to soften, hydrate, and remove dead skin cells, while toning the skin.
Tropical Facial
This intense process begins by cleansing the facial pores and removing dead skin cells. This is followed by a herbal hot compress and a natural facial mask to detoxify and re-hydrate your tired skin. We finish with a final moisturizing massage using French products (Oligo) best suited to your skin type. It will leave your skin refreshed and glowing.
Firming Facial
We used honey also is a humectants it attracts and retains moisture. When applied to the complexion, it helps skin stay hydrated, a most important aspect of battling sags and wrinkles. Here's a tip for making a honey firming facial mask to help your complexion be softer and supple, with the glow of health.
Deep Cleaning Facial
Scrub, we have Upon a combination of natural and traditional Help ingredients for use in our treatment for therapy from original knowledge. The herbal ingredients will be employed for the facial mask, facial nourishing and facial massage all designed to leave your skin smooth and soft.
Fruity vitamin Facial
Natural plain yoghurt with black sticky rice gently exfoliate your skin, Removing dead skin cells helps promoting cell glow Mango mask is associated with longevity and preserving youthfulness, It works as a natural moisturizer and encourages the growth of new skin.
Fresh Fruit Face Spa
Using blends of natural products & fresh fruits suitable to the skin type.
Choice of fresh fruit function:
Strawberry: anti-ageing& detoxifying for normal sensitive skin
Avocado: purifying & moisturizing for dry dehydrated skin
Lemon & Papaya: firming for oily skin

Tropical Body Scrub
We use scrub To rejuvenate The skin to gentle Process of exfoliation Using a salt scrub helps to remove the toxins that block the pores of the skin .The exfoliating process caused by the salt scrubs also helps the skin breathe freely. This is beneficial for all types of skin. Herbals Body Scrub
Cambodia Black Sticky Rice Scrub (Angkohdamnerb)
Cambodian’s Jasmine rice, Black sticky rice to dominated with Jasmine oil, Plain Yogurt, Honey, Fresh Orange Juice and functions as a gentle exfoliation to sooth, smooth and softening your skins in its natural way, followed by hydrating treatment to revitalize your skin.
Papaya & Pineapple Body Scrub
Papaya Pineapple Enzyme Scrub – Papaya and pineapple Alpha Hydroxyl enzymes firm and soften your skin—so natural you could eat it.
Sesame Scrub
This treatment is best for those seeking an invigorating path to softer skin. The moisturizing honey property and sesame nourish your skin are refresh your senses.
Cambodia Coffee Scrub
Relax with the transcendent smell of the most fragrant blend of coffee as enriches your entire body. This beautiful treatment combines with fresh milk and Cambodian coffee beans from the hill tribes of Rattanakiri province to create a stimulating and aromatic experience. Your skin will be rejuvenated and ready for a relaxing massage.
The Tamarind Body Scrub uses a combination Cambodia Tamarind and a traditional blend of herbs to remove the superficial impurities, whilst beads helps smooth any roughness and leaves you skin radiant silky soft.

Traditional Body Massage Tropical Scrub or Herbal Body Scrub
Tropical Facial Massage
Hand Slimming Traditional Body Massage
Manicure & Pedicure
Head & Shoulder Massage Tropical Body Scrub or Khmer Natural Herbal Scrub
Foot Reflexology or Hand Slimming Aromatic or Base Oil Massage
Foot Reflexology Massage/Foot Scrub Herbal Hot Compress
Firming Facial
Khmer Natural Herbal Scrub
Traditional Body Massage
Manicure & Pedicure

Body Massage
Facial & Head Specific Massage
Body Scrub
Facial Massage
Foot Reflexology
Khmer Hot compress Manicure & pedicure Can be split over two treatment times
Body Massage Khmer Natural Herb Body Scrub
Hand Slimming Can be split over two treatment times

Manicure & Pedicure
Express Manicure
Express Pedicure
Nail Polish

Full Leg
Full Arm
Haft Leg
Haft Arm
Under Arm




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